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Spanish Immersion + Soul Empowerment & Healing Retreat

Dive deep into the Elixir of Life - A Spanish Immersion + Soul Empowerment and Healing Retreat to take place in the foothills of the world’s highest coastal range, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the tucked-away paradise of Palomino, Colombia!

Embark on a transcendental exploration of a spiritual oasis, an adventure in Reiki energy healing, sound healing, celestial sound bath, and deep meditative journeying. Learn how you can create the most powerful version of yourself by using precise tools to heal deep wounds and manifest your dreams into reality.

Nourish and empower your soul through living foods, immersive excursions, live musical performances, and activities that will elevate your vibrations.

Plus, what more perfect opportunity than our retreat to learn the rich language of Spanish and learn to speak like a native? (All levels are welcome.) Please visit our official Retreat page for more details and booking 7 days all inclusive retreat includes (except airfare…

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