Welcome future High Vibers!

I am extremely excited about hosting High Viber Retreats around the world.
The title says it all... High Viber Retreat is a spiritual eco-retreat that's all about creating a life changing experience through making new connections, immerse ourselves into deep healing and go through transformative experience together by stepping away from our familiar environment and retreat ourselves into a beautiful serene nature or an exotic place, coming together to learn and apply practical knowledge and tools that can help to raise our vibrations.

When you join High Viber Retreat, you will be learning about chakras and human energy system, meditation techniques and mindfulness, foods that heal, raises your vibrations, and transforms your body. It also includes other awesome perks to get you vibrating higher, so that when you go home , you can use the knowledge you gained through this retreat to become better at manifesting and attracting the kind of life and relationships you want, stay young and healthy so that you can really get to fully live, accomplish all that you came here to do in your lifetime. Not to mention, making new friends, creating unforgettable memories and all the adventures and excitement of a travel.

When you join High Viber Retreat, you are also making a great contributions too!

The majority of the revenue minus the expenses of this retreat will go to fund Seeds Of Life Foundation's projects in building a sustainable eco-conscious intentional community, an organic seed vault, and a distribution program to help food insecure communities, building of a holistic healing/education center and a conscious media production studio so that we can produce great content to uplift, heal, inspire people around the world to help create more positive impacts in our world and start the ripple effects of change. I hope you can be part of this awesome retreat with a cause that's win win for us all!

Who should join High Viber Retreat?
  • If you are a person who would like to learn the tools to bring more peace, balance and harmony back into your life. 
  • If you are interested in building up and strengthening your intuition. 
  • If you are interested in experiencing holistic and spiritual healing. 
  • If you are interested in exploring healthy organic whole food plant-based lifestyle, enjoy farm-to-table meals and to learn the basics of permaculture concepts and growing your own food garden. 
  • If you are interested in learning about mindfulness, conscious evolution and becoming a change agent who would like to be part of bringing positive shifts in human consciouness. 
  • If you would like to raise your vibrations much higher so you can become more effective at changing your self and change the world. 
  • If you are interested in maximizing Law Of Attraction and make it really work.
  • If you are so stressed out, suffering anxiety, losing motivations, feel at lost and desparately need to be in touch with your true self. 
  • If you are going through awakening process and needs support and connections with like minded people who want to excel and thrive in this time of our lives. 
  • If you are ready to change your life and upgrade for the better!
 About Your Host

Hi, I'm Naseem Murakami and I'm a singer songwriter and a producer turned intuitive healer, Reiki Master, certified Health & Life Coach. My journey of awakening came after two near death experiences and overcoming personal crisis and traumas through out my childhood into a young adult. I realized I am an empath and a healer through those experiences. My life mission became very clear in helping and inspiring others to heal them selves. I've hosted many weekly healing events and workshops at the world famous peace yoga gallery in Downtown Los Angeles as well as worked with hundreds of people in the recent past. I am embarking on a path to heal and touch more people's lives through my gifts, talents and the knowledge that I used to transform my own life to share with others for them to live a healthy, vibrant, meaningfull, happy lives as I travel around the world.

What is included in High Viber Retreat

  • Meals and accomodations. (Meals at the retreat centers are all organic whole foods Vegan and Raw Vegan meals.) 
  • High Viber Workshop to learn practical knowledge, tools and exercises to help raise your vibrations. 
  • Group Reiki Healing 
  • Crystals & Sound Therapy 
  • Meditation & Breathwork 
  • Sound Bath 
  • Morning Yoga & Qi-gong
  • Chakra activating Somatic Movement, Ecstatic Dance & Freestyle Music Jam 
  • Fun local tour, excursions and activities 
  • Optional 1-on-1 healing and bodywork session 
Up coming Retreats

October 27-29  SoCal 3 Day Weekend Retreat (Laguna Hills/Laguna Beach)
November 11-13 SoCal 3 Day Weekend Retreat (San Diego)
December SoCal 3 Day Weekend Retreat (San Diego)

Details to be announced very soon. Contact if you are interested in being on my list for getting notified as soon as the bookings becomes available. 

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