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Book an appointment with Energy Works with Naseem using SetMore All Reiki session begins with 3 ~5 minutes of consultation discussing about your current health issues and emotional challenges to draw focus and intentions for healing on your most desired area. However, Reiki, in general, naturally works on whole body, mind and spirit.  These three connecting with Reiki energy will penetrate on all areas of your life, to bring balance for healing.
* For best results, Reiki is recommended for  at least four sessions, for four consecutive days.*

Hours and Days of Services
10:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM
Monday ~ Saturday
By Appointment only: Text (424)291-2236 or book online ( For cancelations please be courteous to give 24hr notice.)

Location: Healing room @ Peace Yoga Gallery 903 S. Main St. Los Angeles CA 90015

Distance Healing Session available. Please inquire by e-mail infiniteloveheals@gmail.com

***Special Healing Package***
Offering discounts on package deals. Please visit Special Healing Packages page.

Reiki Standard Session (60 minutes)........$80
This session is recommended for first time clients who have more serious health and emotional issues or simply would like to take full advantage of Reiki healing and relaxation.

Reiki with Crystal Therapy (60 minutes).......$90
Crystal gems are known for its powerful energy conductivity and a vibrational medicine.
It works on deeper level with chakras and aura of your body for a equilibrium of balance, activation and restorations.

Reiki, Crystal & Sound Therapy (90 minutes)..... $120
This is a powerful combination of Reiki energy and Sound healing working deeper into your energy field for ultimate chakra balancing for manifesting your intentions.

Reiki & Tantra Touch Therapy (90minutes)..... $250
This is a loving and nuturing healing session designed to assist you into connecting deeper within yourself for healing and self empowerment through Tantra which includes breath work, Tantric rituals and relaxing light massage to help release trauma and energetic blockages. Tantra is also a practice for sacred sensuality however, we will be applying light sensual touch soley for the purpose of theraputic effects and healing only with your permission and within your comfort level.

Transformative Healing & Rejuvenation Package (2 hours).....$350 ($50 deposit required to book at least 24hr in advance. $300 is due at the session.)
This is an ultimate Spa style theraputic healing package for you to totally be relaxed and be pampered for a totally rejuvinative experience. This package includes, Crystal Reiki,  Sound Healing, Tantra Touch Therapy, Pampering foot scrubs, foot rubs and massage with specially prepared Super Food & Medicinal Herbal Elixir (optional).

 *Extended session available. (3 hrs for $400 & 4hrs for $500)

 *All sessions are by donation basis. Healing is free and it is a gift from the creator! Your donation supports purchasing my healing tools and equipment, space rental, makes it possible to share my knowledge in healing arts and continuing education. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!!

* Please note energy works are not covered by a Health Insurance and Medicaid/Medical or any other government assisted programs. Reiki should not replace your standard medical procedures. Clients are responsible to consult with their own healthcare provider; if you have any serious illnesses and under any medical treatments. 

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