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High Vibe Bodywork 
High Vibrational Therapeutic Bodywork & Chakra Balancing and Activations 

Experience the ultimate relaxation and pampering through this intuitive theraputic bodywork for healing and to restore harmony back into your personal energy field. My session is designed and customized to fit for your immediate needs and to help you to align with who you truly are, guiding you to raise your vibrations, which will help you to attract more positive things into your life, removing toxins, releasing traumas, releasing blocked and stagnant energies so you can create, experience more happiness, attract more abundance and improve current relationships or attract the right partner.

 In this package you will recieve, 

  • Theraputic body work with Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage 
  • Chakra yoga work & assisted stretching 
  • Crystal Chakra Sound Healing
  • Aroma Therapy 
  • Reiki 
  • Guided Meditation 
  • Breathwork 
I highly recommend to do this session outdoor at a beautiful park or near by the ocean where we have access to nature for optimal healing and grounding effects.

Serving Los Angeles and Orange County 
Call, text 424-291-2236 or book appointment online. 

*All sessions are offered by donation basis. Healing is free and it is a gift from the creator! Your donation supports purchasing my healing tools and equipment, space rental, it also makes it possible to share my knowledge in healing arts and continuing education. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!!
* *Please note spiritual & energy work are not covered by most Health Insurance and Medicaid/Medical or any other government assisted programs. Any of the sessions should not replace your standard medical procedures. You are responsible to consult with your own healthcare provider; if you have any serious illnesses and are under any medical treatments.

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