About Naseem

I am a lightworker, an intuitive, an artist, a musician, a health/wellness coach and a healer.

My passion is to re-connect people with their true essence, which will awaken us to serve our highest soul purpose in our lives, so that we all can start the process of healing ourselves as well as the planet.

I live with one rescued dog in Los Angeles, California. Please visit my main
web-site to learn more about what I do, and all of my projects that I am creating. 

My Story 

It wasn’t until recently, that I came to understand that I was ordained to be a healer. There were times people were sent to me in the past, to tell me that I am a Light Worker. At that point I didn’t even care, nor did I give much attention to what that really meant for me. However, later it became very clear and unavoidable to recognize all the signs sent to me, and I had to take up the journey of self-healing which prepared me to help heal others. 

Growing up, as a child I was highly intuitive and spiritual since a young age with the gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudiance. As a musician, I connected the dots fairly easily about the concept of frequencies and sound vibrations, which are the universal language of all creation. It gave me, a whole new meaning as an artist to share my art from that point on, I dedicated all my works and creations to assist in the healing of the world, one person at a time.

Registered, insured practitioner and member of

Registered, insured practitioner and member of