How crystals can help?

Crystal Healing or the Crystal Therapy has been around since the ancient times dating back over 6,000 years ago, and was practiced in eastern cultures.

Crystal gems were believed to act as a conduit for healing, as it guides energy flow (Chi or the Ki) in the body as well as act as a balancing and clearing force for drawing out any blockage and negative energy accumulated in the body.

Crystal gems are placed on the chakra points in our body where each chakra is the center of energy vortex that works with our nerve systems, organ function as well as psychological, emotional, and spiritual states.

Crystals are also associated with planetary elements by its colors and its individual energetic vibrations. The crystals are known to expand and align our selves with our psychic or the cosmic energy field.

This is also the reason people often wear crystal jewelry or place them in their environment serving as spiritual protection and enhancement, inviting certain energies to attract good fortune or repelling unwanted energies.

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Registered, insured practitioner and member of